And Candy Smiled
Written by Carole  Sarkan and Illlustrated by Emily Christoff Flowers
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Welcome to the world of Candy
"Every day Candy raced through the  yard, into the bushes and tall flowers, 
past the lilies and trees and fence posts ---
She made huge paths that turned the grass a light brown
She howled to say hello."

And Candy Smiled.

Candy grew up as a normal English Springer Spaniel puppy with the Sarkans...annoying and loud and wanting to chew everything in sight.  As she grew older into a mature English Springer, she was still...annoying and loud and wanting to chew everything in sight, until one day when she snuck out of the yard and got hit by a car.  Then her life (and the Sarkans) drastically changed.  The doctors had to amputate Candy's leg so that she could live.  Candy had to learn how to do everything all over again because she lost her leg.  One day, though, Candy was finally able to run  up and down the stairs again and take Carole and her family for walks down the tow path.  Many people have learned a lot from Candy because she came into this world to remind us that there is nothing you can't do.  This loving dog is the inspiration that all of us need.  Everyone wants a reason to smile even if things aren't always right, because it always comes back to this: And Candy Smiled".

​An inspiring true story